We arrived in Merida in 2017 to move into our house, and I needed a studio space. Our search led us to the perfectly untouched splendor of a colonial house on Calle 59, which was the most elegant street in Merida prior to the creation of Paseo Montejo. It had the fabulous wedding cake façade that we love, and no one had altered the interiors.
After nearly a year of repairs and painting, we found that not only did we have a dream studio, with 20-foot ceilings made of French terracotta tile from France, as well as the ornate woodwork from the late 19th century, but the rest of the house as well. What were we to do with the space?

We decided to open a showroom for my Marjorie Skouras Design product, which we had never had before (www.marjorieskourasdesign.com). Part of the grand plan for our move to Mexico was to move all of our production to Merida, as I like to oversee everything in person in my studio due to the artisanal nature of our pieces. We have accomplished this and much more, which gives rise to what will come next? Please come and visit to find the answers…

Marjorie Skouras

Marjorie Skouras is a fourth generation San Franciscan, but has also lived in Corfu, Greece and Los Angeles. She now resides in Merida, the Yucatan. She has a degree in Art History from UCLA, with a focus on Pre-Columbian Art, a passion which eventually led her to this beautiful and mysterious part of the world.
Her previous careers include 17 years in the film business, during which time she served on the selection committee for the Sundance Film Festival. Marjorie then segued into the arena of design, decorating interiors for several of the prominent families of California. This led her into the area of home product design, which she remains focused on, having moved her studio and production facilities to Merida.

Marjorie shares her life with Bruno Bardavid, their four children, and Albert the dog and his consort Tongolele the cat, both of whom are natives of Merida. They live in a joyously restored historical monument in the Centro, and work together at La Malaquita.