Anne Frej

Anne Frej is a retired city planner, real estate consultant and editor who has worked and lived in the USA, Southeast Asia, Central Europe, Central Asia and Afghanistan. She and her husband Bill Frej have traveled extensively through Asia, always with a camera in hand. In the mid-1980s they walked 3,000 miles across the Himalaya and made it to the base camps of the world’s ten highest peaks. The Frejs are based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Merida, Mexico. For the past six years they have focused on remote Maya ruins in Yucatan, Mexico and Northern Guatemala.

Although she used to use SLR cameras, these days Anne uses an iphone exclusively. “I love the width of the iphone camera lens–it forces me into a scene to get close to a subject rather than shoot from far away with a long lens. For portraits it requires holding the camera almost in someone’s face, which can be tricky unless you establish a quick, friendly relationship beforehand.”