Marjorie’s interest in Mexican clothing dates back to the 1970s in Los Angeles, where her mother took her shopping on Olivera Street for embroidered dresses. Over the years, she has collected many new and vintage pieces from her extensive travels in Mexico and hours of searching in vintage stores in many of the cities she has visited around the world. Her current collection, that which is available for purchase and to visit at La Malaquita, represents more than six years of intense searching for a curated collection with a focused point of view.

Throughout this time, Marjorie’s passion led her to research the period which is of most interest to her, the 1960s and 1970s. It was a period of prolific production for the tourist trade and was largely focused in the areas around Guadalajara and Oaxaca. She has learned much about the noted designers of the period, and her collection focuses heavily on about 8 of these designers and the boutiques for which they designed and produced. The pieces were inspired by the artistic movements of the era and promotion of Mexican Nationalism, and resulted in wearable pieces of art. They were enthusiastically commissioned, collected and worn by stars such as Elizabeth Taylor and Diana Ross, Princess Grace of Monaco, Princess Anne, Happy Rockefeller, Farah Diba, and many more.

The collection is comprised of nearly 250 pieces, and continues to grow, and is part of the tangible representation of her love for Mexico.